Provider Forum


The Gwent Regional Provider forum was set up in the summer of 2015, as it was recognised that with the upcoming Social Services & Wellbeing Act (going live in April 2016) there was a need for greater regional linkage and collaboration.

When the Act was introduced there was a requirement to establish a ‘value based provider forum’ to include not only third sector organisations but also independent and private providers as well. The regional provider forum is open to any service provider for social care in the region, whether this is a commissioned service or not, and the forum now has over 50 members. The forum meets every 5 or 6 weeks, and all members are welcome to suggest agenda items. The provider forum has also run workshop events, to focus in on particular key topics, and details of these events go out to the whole forum. Reports of workshop events will be made available on this regional website.

To join the regional provider forum please contact: 

Provider Forum Minutes


Minutes from Provider Forum meeting's can be provided upon requested. If you would like a copy please contact: