Micro Care

Become a mico carer

The Regional Partnership Team in Partnership with Monmouthshire council is developing a supplementary way of delivering care and support in the community. Micro carers are self-employed individuals who offer flexible care and support to people in their local community.

Micro carers can provide care and support to small numbers of people across a local geographical areas. This means they can offer responsive care and support to suit individual needs.

A micro carer can often offer greater continuity of care and flexibility.

A micro carer will typically live very close to those they support and have knowledge of local community assets.

A micro carer can help and support with a variety of different care and support tasks, which could include (but is not limited to)

  • Domiciliary care
  • Respite for carers
  • Leisure and wellbeing activities
  • Domestic tasks
  • Pet care
  • Shopping