Mental Health


The priority outcomes identified through engagement with citizens, partners and use of the prioritisation matrix; and subsequently confirmed through consultation are:

  1. Increased understanding and awareness of mental health amongst the public to reduce stigma and help people to seek support earlier.
  2. To improve emotional well-being and mental health for adults and children through early intervention and community support.




The percentage ranged from 66% in Blaenau Gwent to 78% in Monmouthshire. This compares with 72% of people aged 16 years or older free from a common mental disorder for Gwent and 74% for Wales.






Across the local authority areas in the Gwent region both Torfaen and Newport are predicted to see increases of 0.4% and 16.6% in the number of people aged 5 - 15 with a mental health problem. The other local authority areas are all predicted to see decreases over the same period



I see many pupils in my school with self-image issues and low self-esteem and we need greater support in our local communities.


Summary and what we will deliver through the joint Area Plan:

  • Review and align regional strategies to Together for Mental Health Delivery plan.
  • Co-ordination of consistent community based services such as community connectors / social prescribers.
  • Multi agency place based models which include wider partners such as Housing Associations, employment support and community programmes.
  • Accurate Information, Advice and Assistance through DEWIS and Five Ways to Well-being.