People with Learning Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders


The priority outcomes identified through engagement with citizens, partners and use of the prioritisation matrix; and subsequently confirmed through consultation are:

  1. To support people with learning disabilities to live independently with access to early intervention services in the community; and greater public awareness and understanding of people with learning disabilities needs.
  2. To provide more timely diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and access to support services and information and advice.




All local authority areas across the region are predicted to see an increase in the number. The predicted increases range from 35.4% in Blaenau Gwent to 54.5% in Monmouthshire.








Across local authorities in the Gwent region, with the exception of Blaenau Gwent, all local authority areas are predicted to see an increase in the number. Across the remaining local authority areas in the Gwent region predicted increases range from 2.1% in Monmouthshire to 17.7% in Newport.





We want to live in our own homes and feel listened to and want more face to face chats.

Access for All Member

Summary and what we will deliver through the joint Area Plan:

  • Support Mental Health and Learning Disability Partnership Board review Gwent Strategy for Adults with a Learning Disability 2012/17 and set out key regional commissioning and integration actions.
  • Local implementation of Welsh Strategic Action Plan including development of new Integrated Autism Service.