The Power of a HUG

HUG Launches at the Senedd!

The Gwent RPB was made aware of the HUG by LAUGH project development in 2020 the Gwent RPB provided funding for 500 devices for use around the region. A Gwent HUG task and finish group met to discuss equitable distribution when the HUGs were delivered in 2022. An early decision was made by the group to widen access to as many partners as possible and to expand the scope to anyone who could benefit from a HUG to aid relaxation, distraction, and physical touch. All 500 HUGs are now out in our communities, with partners across our region and the feedback has been very positive where the recipient welcomed HUG, it is not for everyone as with any product. HUG has benefited people living with Dementia, Autism and ND conditions, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health conditions, Carers and people receiving end-of-life care. It has been a real partnership effort and we have been proud to support the distribution of a product developed here in Wales which is making a real difference to people across our Gwent communities. You can find out all about HUG on our webpage here.


Read all about the Life Sciences Hub HUG by LAUGH event here: The power of a good HUG: supporting care in the community!