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As set out in the Partnership Arrangements (Wales) Regulations 2015, local authorities and local health boards are required to establish Regional Partnership Boards (RPB) to manage and develop services to secure strategic planning and partnership working.  RPBs also need to ensure effective services, and care and support is in place to best meet the needs of their respective population. The objectives of the Regional Partnership Boards are to ensure the partnership bodies work effectively together to:

  • Respond to the population assessment carried out in accordance with section 14 of the Act.
  • Develop, publish and implement the Area Plans for each region covered as required under section 14A of the Act.
  • Ensure the partnership bodies provide sufficient resources for the partnership arrangements, in accordance with their powers under section 167 of the Act.
  • Promote the establishment of pooled funds where appropriate.


Regional Partnership Boards (RPB) will also need to prioritise the integration of services in relation to:

  • Older people with complex needs and long term conditions, including dementia.
  • People with learning disabilities.
  • Carers, including young carers.
  • Integrated Family Support Services.
  • Children with complex needs due to disability or illness.



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